Pinson and Cole’s Gourmet Pickles

Standard Flavors


The savory sweet and juicy flavors of fresh vine ripened Strawberries

Sour Apple

O how
bitter sweet
it is

Grape pickles

A Juicy
Concord Flavored Berry-Delicious Treat

Blue Hawaiian Coconut

A Tropical Island Blend of fruity pineapple & coconut cream

Savory Flavors

Jamaican Jerk

a burst of flavors straight from the caribbean with a kick

Italian Garlic & Herb

A flavorful blend of Italian herbs and spices with a hint of garlic

Spicy Flavors

Buffalo Hot Wing & Ranch

A fiery intense flavor of buffalo sauce with a touch of ranch


A full-bodied
fusion of peppers and spice


A full-bodied fusion of peppers and spice

Chili Lime

Tart and spicy explosion of chili and lime flavor

Mexican Habernero & Chile

A real explosion down on the border

Dessert Flavors


The rich creamy taste of the Original New York Style Cheesecake

Drink Pickle Flavors

Pina Colada

The tropical freshness of pineapple with creamy coconut

Margarita Gold

A refreshing sweet & sour blend of flavored that capture the true South-of-the-border taste

Hurricane Rum

A full-bodied fusion of aromatic spices and a hint of rum flavoring

If you are looking at this site it means one of a few things... Your curiosity has gotten the best of you, someone has told you how great these actually are and you wanna see for yourself or you are already addicted and are coming back for more!
At Pinson & Cole's Gourmet Pickles we pride ourselves on being unique and original. There is no other product out there that even compares to the taste and quality you will get here. Our pickles are not only delicious as a snack  (or meal), they include some of the best ingredients on the market. We use natural and organic ingredients such as %100 pure vanilla, %100 safflower oil, organic vinegar, fresh organic garlic and dark chocolate with cacao powder, just to name a few.
Our pickles will add a twist to any meal, at any time and  can be served as a side dish, a healthy light snack, or even as a dessert for all of my faithful. For example, we have spicy pickles that will add a fiery kick to your sandwiches, hamburgers, sliders, hoagie rolls and even for those jam sandwich kinda days! (Recipe: Jam two slices of bread together)
Don't worry I haven't forgot about the sweet teeth! After your meal when you are craving that little extra but don't want to add on a "little extra" rest assure we have a solution to your decadent dilemma. Grab one of our sweet and oh so delicious Dessert pickles and chow down with no regrets!
Our philosophy is, "If it can be used, use it!" We don't believe in wasting especially something soo delicious. What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about the juice that is left in your jar once the pickles are gone! We have several different flavors that serve separate purposes! That's right! When you have finished off your yummy pickles you can use the remaining juice for things such as marinating meats and seafood, salad dressings, hot sauce or even dessert toppings!!
We hope to see you here again! Check back later for new updates. There's much more to come!
Now that is Pic-licious!!