Italian Garlic and Herb

Jamican Jerk

Mexican Habanero Chile

Buffalo Hot Wing & Ranch

Choose your level of Heat - Original (Mild) , Fiery, or Blazing !

After prepping your Meat of Choice: 

(ie. chicken, turkey, beef, pork ect. Seafood i.e. tilapia salmon, shrimp scallops ect.)

Pour your sauce over your meat and cook accordingly 

Example Recipe

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

  • Any parts of chicken (wings, drums, legs, thighs, ect.)
  • Jamaican Jerk Sauce (from pickles)
  • Salt and Pepper
  1. Wash chicken, season with salt and pepper (optional)
  2. Toss in sauce
  3. Bake as Normal

The possibilities are endless!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Roasted Italian Garlic and Herbs Turkey

Blazing Chicken Wings

Mexican Habanero Chile Pork Chops

Mix and Match and try new things

Salad Dressings

Italian Garlic & Herbs

Jamaican Jerk

Buffalo Hot Wing & Ranch


Pour over your salad to add a flavorful yet healthier twist.

Tasty Relish

Sour Apple  (like sweet sauerkraut)

Chili Lime

Buffalo Hot Wing (if you want a kick)

Mexican Habanero Chile ( a Southwestern flair)

Add something different for all your relish needs, such as: 

potato salad

hot dogs


deviled eggs

tuna salad 

chicken salad



Dessert Toppings



Can be used as Syrup to pour over your desserts (ice cream, smoothies, fruit) 


Tipsy Pickles

(fun snack for adults only)

Hurricane Rum

Margarita Gold

Pina Colada

Blue Hawaiian Coconut

Pour out about 1/4th of the juice in your jar.

Replace with Spirits of your choice


Example Recipe

Margarita Gold Pickles

  1. Remove 1/4th of the juice
  2. Fill with Tequila, Shake Well, and Enjoy!